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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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what we know of the dozens of people taken to the hospital with injuries. a young woman brutally murdered while out on an afternoon jog. the evidence the killer may have on his body that you might want to keep an eye out for. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: good morning to you and happy friday, friday, august 12, i am catherine parrotta. >> jason: i am jason law. another hot today. go to jason brewer in the fox25 stormtracker weather center. will feel like 100 degrees again. >> jason: rough start. at 11:00 in the morning our heat advisory starts. heavy wind and rained a threat throw and after 2:00 when those concerns start to arrive. right now temperatures are warm and muggy. they are in the 70s area-wide. our day planner, noon, 90 degrees. heat index 98 already.
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storms and a heat index of 103. and hoping for a little rain to get some relief from the heat. the rain chance 40% to 0% today, driest as you go to the cape and islands. there is the heat advisory just about everywhere but the south coast, cape and islands. heat index readings 100 or better and over the weekend, we are getting changes in the temperatures because a waffling front. it will mean more showers and storms and i will break all that d coming up. want to get you right to a breaking incident on the pike in charlton. this will go way west here and you can see the icon there. this is the turnpike. the road closed is near city depot road. and some video indicated on twitter this is a truck fire that is occurring here. also see some purple marks and means that traffic is not flowing past those parts now. heavy delays westbound and closed before that point going
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will continue to keep an eye on that for you. as you get closer to the city, most just fine. a look at the pike, far past that accident and moving eastbound here. you can see that construction has cleared up. no issues as you move closer to the city. route 112, 12 minutes. the pike from 49 to the mass avenue will take 24u minutes right now. also breaking this morning, dozens of people hurt after a plane bound bad turbulence in the air. fox25's jessica reyes is live in logan where that plane took off of. and the plane had to make an emergency landing to get those people on board help. >> right. and we are actually hearing from some of the people who were on board that plane over twitter. all of them saying it was pretty chaotic. a lot of people were thrown around the plane and several had to be taken to the hospital once that plane made that emergency landing. it left logan airport around 5:00 last night for creme.
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florida there when the plane hit tush lins. 22 passengers and two crewmembers were taken to the hospital to be checked out. we have a look at the weather map over south dakota and you can see there were some storms there just as the plane was passing through and we are likely responsible for that intense turbulence. photo nrous people on board. we got this photo from one passenger of a woman being taken off the plane wearing a neck brace. another tweeted that the flight attendant was shocked around the plane so hard she hit her head on the ceiling and knocked out one of the ceiling panels. fortunately, none of the injuries appear to be too serious. another person on the plane sent this picture from the hospital. the woman in green here is one of the flight attendant that was taken to the hospital and you can eshe is hugging a nurse there once they were taken from the airport there. we do understand that that great has since left for the
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blue to see if anyone taken to the hospital was well enough on the plane and will keep you up to date with another live report. yes, sir yes, sir, fox 25 news. 5:34 this morning. investigators are now saying the person who killed a jogger in princeton was injured in the attack. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte was killed running on brook station road. troopers found her body in a wooded area self-hours later. yesterday prosecutors said they believed she was attacked by a man. and evidence marcotte fought back and left scratches, scrapes and bruises. a tip line for information about the death. you can see the number on your screen and all tips are anonymous. two women are recovering after being stabbed inside their waltham home. the man accused of the attack is the husband of the tenant. emmanuel lewis was arraigned and the day of the attack, he had been in court to answer
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>> reporter: he walked out of the waltham district court and headed straight to the house his wife was living in with his 8-year-old daughter somehow getting a knife used to stab his wife's landlord and elderly mother in a heated con on from taivtion the end of his marriage. >> he said multiple times what do you expect me to do. she was trying to break my family. >> reporter: multiple hallways could have had with the home stabbings landlord and her mother all while his wife and daughter hid in the room. joan mcghee was driving by and called 911. >> blood. he was could have had in blood. i saw the blood dripping down her leg, and she was -- i realized she was saying help me, help me. >> reporter: according to
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visit his wife and daughter that lived c with a creole friend. the woman broke off the marriage citing violence from her husband. when the court date brought him back, out revenge for the landlord who he blamed fighting off the 83-year-old mother screaming old lady, stay out of the way. jack yack, fox25 news. >> lewis faces multiple charge hospitalized and expected to survive. stabbing a man three times in dorchester. headily barnes was held on $10,000 bail and charged with armed assault with intent to murder. the victim remains in critical condition. he is accused of attacking the 18-year-old woman in a home on millit street and beating another woman. he will be in court in december. federal prosecutor also go forward for the death penalty for a new england serial killer even though his defense attorneys said he will die soon.
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men on the out shore and another in new hampshire in 2003. next month the feds will call 70 witnesses during the sentencing phase of sampleon's case. sampson was sentenced to death once but it was tossed out after a juror lied about his background. the defense claims that sampleon only terminally ill and has months to live. and a melrose clinic will not stand trial any time soon. capable of understanding the charges against him so he can't enter a plea in the case. police say that dear killed three people including colorado police officer garrett s+ wazey who grew up in melrose. more than a dozen mayors are throwing down support against copy cat assault weapons. signed their support with
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some lawmakers shi healey is some lawmakers shi healey is overstepping her authority. marijuana experts overstepping her authority. yesterday the dea denied a request from two states to take pot off the list of schedule one substances. illegal drugs like heroin and lsd. they will allow more places to grow medical marijuana for medical reeach. >> the best way to reach medical marijuana is a to prove there is use for it and the only way to prove with science and the only way to get their hands on medical marijuana is if we make more available. >> catherine: there is only one place allowed the university of mississippi for marijuana research. harsh crit of the military from congress. military commanders exaggerated the war evident against isis. the members of the military presented things more optimistically than actually they are.
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information. the report did not blame the white house for manipulating the intelligence. 4:38. drive times. 93, 9 minutes. 93 from 49 to the leverett connector, 20 minutes. 128 from university avenue to the weston tolls, you are looking at an 11-minute ride. catherine, we are you off to a steamy start to the day. look at these temperatures. 73, worcester. 78 lawrence, beverly and boston. right now we are waking up in the heat and even today om damaging storms. we will are a timeline on this straight ahead. a major danger on the roads. large items falling into the paths of cars. and in some cases, the items even go through the windshield. the staggering statistics on how deadly the situation can be. the summer games continue
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an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country.
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big night for team u.s.a. gymnasts simone biles and aly raisman finished one-two. the second gold medal for biles as she come to nateed the field. her total score was two points better than raisman and more than the margin of victory get in from 1980 to 2012 combined. for raisman the silver was a completion of a comeback from the london games. she tied for the bronze medal but got bumped fourth in a tie
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pool. michael phelps won the 13th individual gold medal breaking a record since 152 bc. phelps has one more individual race tonight and will likely finish his olympic career tomorrow night finishing the butterfly of the 400 medley relay. the champion, baby! yes! >> catherine: well, they were very excited at a judo as kayla harrison got her second straight gold medal in judo. the 26-year-old american was won two medals in judo and the studio where she trained have a special message for her. [cheering] >> catherine: they are very excited as you can see. harrison said after winning the fight she will refriar judo. hinted that she might become a mma fighter.
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the arizona diamondbacks. the d-backs are in last place in the nl west. the sox sent alex rodriguez into retirement with a gift from the fenway scoreboard. pretty nice. jacoby ellsbury sends a ball to left with the bases, and rook bentendi can't make the play. and two batters later a reason ro hit very hard and enough to drive in a run. and you can see alex rodriguez's final game of his career right here on fox25. a-rod and the yanks will host tampa and then a-rod is set to retire after that game. pregame coverage starts at 7:00. first pitch at 7:30. stay for fox25 right after the game. a big recall for a paint ball brand. hocker paint ball guns and
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dangerous because the chamber can come off the marketer and hurt the user. the recall impacts 5,000 guns and can contact the company with more details on that. and a look now at your traffic and we are starting with a breaking news incident all the way in charlton right near the charlton service plaza in that area. busy area in central mass. a pike is closed near city depot road and according to mass dot spokesperson an hour ago it was closed in both directions on the pike because of a crash involng trucks. seeing photos on twitter indicate there was some sort of a fire. we are keeping an eye on this. coming back closer to the at this. 128, 93 doing fine. the icons in the city should be disappearing as we get later in the morning. about 15 minutes from now. pike as you go through brighton moving along just fine. another accident back in charlton. route 1, 11 minutes. 93, 19 minutes. 128 will take you 22 minutes
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good friday morning. we are you off to a warm and steamy start. the high heat and humidity will be back with us today and lingering on in through parts of the weekend. i will have the timeline on who sees the hottest temperatures this weekend straight ahead. will be feeling like 100 to 15 today. so another heat advisory is in effect for this friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. also, scattered storms coming back today. yesterday, we only had one or two. today a better chance to get hit with heavy rain even some damaging wind gusts. that's where we will have to be watching closely after 2:00 today. right now 78 degrees and look, the heat index is 8 degrees and the sun is not even up. you don't need the sun to be up to have this kind of humidity to make it feel quite stuffy. let's go through the boston 12-hour forecast. you will see temperatures into the lower 80s by 8 o'clock in the morning. we will are a mix of clouds and sun to tart things out. by noontime, we are around 90 degrees.
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in the low to middle 90s from 2 to 4:00. with the storm threat out there, some of us will get some relief, but most of us hit the mid-90s before we get any chance of relief whatsoever. look at lawrence at 97. one of our hotter locations. brookline at 95. norwood at 94 degrees. out toward worcester in the low 90s today. we hit 95 officially in boston yesterday. 96 rather. to today right back up there again. we will see temperatures cape cod and the islands. upper 70s on nantucket. they will really that southwesterly breeze through here, and that's how you can get a little bit of relief to get down south and eastward. i think a little lower risk for storms as well as you go south and eastward. heat advisory back through connecticut. most of southern new hampshire, in the berkshires not as bad, but 100 to 15 feel to the air is what we are concerned about. if you were going to be working outdoors, take a lot
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a low risk for severe water today and ising we forget to mention because yesterday, only one severe storm pop up in connecticut, and today a better chance of a few of those to get into southeastern mass and back up in here to southern new hampshire as well. let's take look at future cast. this is 2 p.m. model showing dry conditions, but right after, a few storms bubbling up. 3 to 7 p.m. our best window for some of the scattered damaging storms to come through. humid. southwest winds keeping us hot and scattered storms out there. by 9:00 to the, a lot of those storms south into plymouth county, cape cod and fizzling out over dark. as we get into saturday, watch this front. some relief from the heat anywhere east of the front. southeast new hampshire, down along the eastern coast. a little bit cooler tomorrow but scattered showers and storms developing during the
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afternoon as well with another round of big-time heat on sunday afternoon. so a little bit of relief from the heat tomorrow comes right back sunday and then next week, looking a little better as rain chance is lower. all right, disturbing find in a disgusting place. the big bust police in one community made at a port-to-potty. a push to put an end to daylight savings time in massachusetts. some people are in favor of ending the old practic
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one person is recovering this morning after this tree came crashing down on to a house. it happened on high street in abington. abington fire fighters took these pictures of the aftermath. no word what caused the tree to fall over. close call in new york city after a massive constr center. take a look at this scene from last night. the train hit the 12th floor of a building still under construction. no one was inside at time. no one was hurt. that is the good news. it happened while workers were securing the train as bad weather occurred. a push in massachusetts to put an end to daylight saving time. some people think the old practice is more trouble than it is worth. but sharman sacchetti found that not everyone agrees. >> reporter: spring forward,
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worry about changing the clock ever again. >> i love the longer daylight in the summer. >> reporter: pitched the idea of moving to atlantic summer time. keenan submitted it on his behalf. >> people really do not like when the clocks fall back. they seem to enjoy it in the spring when even it takes time to get acclimated. >> when we spring forward in march, we have more heart attacks. more car accidents and more accidents at work because giving millions of people >> reporter: he wants to settle on one time all the time. and setting a commission to study the idea is now law signed by the governor as part of the economic development bill. >> this is particularly important and folks from the senate to put a legislative committee together to study it in deference to the senate's have we signed that. my view is the current structure we have is fine. >> reporter: governor baker is not exactly in love with the idea. >> i especially worry that if
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of problems with ourselves with respect to all sorts of issues around work schedules, commuting schedules and a whole bunch of other thing >> the children get extremely confused. i have several grandchildren and a week to ten days of getting their sleep pattern going the right way again. >> i think its a great idea, yeah. >> i think it will not be a good idea. >> we like to give all of new england on board. atlantic time. >> reporter: sharman sacchetti, fox25 news. >> catherine: the first meeting of that 12-member commission begins in october with a report due in march. the bill will need the governor's approval but the final say is up to the u.s. department of transportation. the nation's first offshore wind farm is set to open this fall. five turbines off of block island, developers, federal regulators and all say that the opening will pave the way for the construction of many
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department store is struggling in a competitive market. the retailer announced plans to close 100 of its stores. this comes of a a worst-than-expected performance during the second quarter. macy haven't said which store also be closing but it will happen some time early this year. >> the end of an era for a disney parade. the company is pulling the plug on this the main street electrical parade. disney announced the nighttime par rate that featured 5,000 led lights october. the parade will a limited run in disneyland in california. that is where the parade started in 1972 before moving to orlando five years later. disney has not said what, if anything, will replace that parade. new research shows that the u.s. has seen a spike in babies born addicted to opiates. the number of cases quadrupled between 1999 and 2014. they are pushing for better prevention efforts in getting doctors to cut back on
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vanessa welch looked into the detox program of babies born addicted to opiates and discovered that the process can take several painful weeks. to watch her special report, head to right now and it is on our home page. a 9-year-old connecticut woman is $30,000 bucks richer thanks to the lottery. look at ursula's happy face. she won the money playing a scratch game last week, and the grandmother of 12 has big plans. she can't actually see pictures on. she has an old flip phone, i don't know. she plans on sharing the money with her family. >> catherine: good for her. >> jason: 30 grand. a suspected car thief in miami is making headlines. when he felt like the judge wasn't paying attention he took matters into his own hands. take a look.
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there, the judge was not at all amused by ma than's antics and set that man's bail at more than $18,000. maybe don't try to -- >> jason: don't do that if you are in trouble. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. two breaking news stories. coming up at 5 o'clock, we are monitoring a multicar crash involving two trucks that have shut down both sides of the pike and are causing major backups out there. plus, dozens of people injured from turbulence on board a flight from boston to california, and they are expected back in the air. what we learned steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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? sip in summertime with a frozen coolatta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta. america runs on dunkin'. now at 5:00, stifling heat. and the threat of storms to come along with it. i am tracking where the heat will be the worse and when severe weather will pop up. breaking news involving a flight from logan. more than a dozen people hurt after the plane hit severe turbulence overnight. the injuries and the photos
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deal in the air. and the work continues this morning to try track down a killer in central mass. the clues investigators say the victim left behind. complete new england coverage tarts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. it is finally friday, august 12. we are in store for another hot one. jason law in for gene. >> sara: i am sara. the heat advisory is in effect again today. that hot and sticky weather not meteorologist jason brewer is in the fox25 stormtracker weather center of how long the hot weather will be with us and can move in today. >> jason: at least through parts of the weekend and that storm threat continuing today and on into tomorrow and sunday as well. heat and humidity the biggest concern and with the heavy rain and wind threat. we will be monitoring that. heat riz vis starts at 11 a.m. when you see the reading approaching 100 degrees. that gets worse through about 3:00.


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